Cao Huy Le, a leader in the Rochdale Riots, has been missing in Toronto for nearly a month

$250,000 reward announced for escaped mob leader behind Toronto and B.C. murders The city’s police chief said she was “a great cop, someone we will miss.”

Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders is asking the public for help finding a man who has been missing in the city for nearly a month.

Cao Huy Le said Sunday he was last seen in June and the last contact he had was in early July. He was last reported to have been spotted in the city by B.C. police.

The Toronto Police Service’s missing persons unit are working with British Columbia’s provincial police to find him, said Chief Mark Saunders in a news conference Sunday.

Saunders says the last time he talked was July 24 and he never tried to contact Le before going missing.

Saunders says he was last seen leaving a downtown Vancouver hotel with a woman who has been in contact with Le.

Saunders says he doesn’t believe Le is in Canada.

Police will release photos of the woman who has been in contact with Le, Saunders says.

Le was a leader in the Rochdale Riots, a violent, drug-fueled gang that terrorized Toronto in the 80s and 90s that became notorious for the murder of two young men.

Le’s alleged girlfriend, identified as Nisa Mickalides, told B.C. news outlets she had last seen him in Toronto. Nisa, who was released from Vancouver’s Downtown Hospital on Monday, has said that Le had a habit of giving his girlfriend $50,000 a day.

Nisa Mickalides says her boyfriend, whom she calls Cao, was in the gang “with the mindset that if you get a few people killed the world will love you.”

Le is believed to have gone to Canada in the company of Mickalides.

Cao is described as having brown hair and brown eyes.

He is known as Lea Lea La.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Cao is asked to contact the Toronto Police missing persons unit at 416-808-4300, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS(8477).

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