Drew Barrymore’s New Memoir

Drew Barrymore recalls being ‘drunk’ and making out with George Clooney’s friend after her divorce in 2002

There was an affair in 2002 after Drew Barrymore got a divorce from her husband.

The Pretty in Pink star had been married to actor Brad Davis, who has since passed away, for seven years. They also had two sons together.

But when the news of his death was announced, she was heartbroken and was left heartbroken, she says.

“This is what was done to me, on my wedding day,” she says.

Drew recalls how she and George Clooney’s friend, Johnnie Bobbitt, had been drinking, and they started kissing, and the alcohol went over, and they started making out and “I was on my way to the bedroom” before going into the bedroom.

Drew then recalls how she went into the bedroom next door, and George went into the room next door and Drew told him to “leave right now before I get really pissed off and beat your face into the wall.”

Drew then was left to find out why she’d told her ex-husband what she’d seen.

She says that she wanted to take a year off, but that her sons needed her. She then moved to New York City in 2009, where she started writing, and she writes about her life in a new memoir, What Happened. She writes: “I took my kids to New York City to live on my own. To figure out where I want to go, what job I want to do. And I did that.”

She didn’t have any job lined up when she moved to New York, and says “I’ve never been to Paris or anywhere else, and I don’t want to be. I love to write, and I like making movies.”

She then says she doesn’t have a job because of her age, saying that she’s only 33 and her “real age is 36.”

Drew was in New York when the New York Times published the photo of her kissing George in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and she

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