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Dua Lipa and El Guincho Are Back in England

Dua Lipa and El Guincho Are Back in England

From Dua Lipa to Rosalía: The Meme-fication of the Modern Pop Star — This Week and Next — and Why There’s Always Another Star

You want a pop star who’s not trying to be a pop star? Look no further than Dua Lipa and El Guincho, who have given us three of the most popular Mexican artists in the last few years. They have also each released three successful solo albums (they’ve toured together before, and toured together again), and they’ve been married for 10 months and are expecting their first child.

In 2018, they were named the World Music Songwriters’ Choice at the World Music Awards, and in April, they won the Latin Grammy for Best Mexican Solo Song for “No Me Queda Mas de Ti” at the Latin Grammy Awards. They’re one of the few performers to take home the award in both categories.

This year, Lipa released a live album along with Guincho, and in February, they released their first official live album in six years called Lipa: Live in Concert. That was followed by another live album, Lipa: Live, Vol. 2, in April. They have already returned to Mexico City to perform three concerts. (Their latest single, “Yé-yé” featuring J Balvin, was released in February this year.)

So what are Guincho and Lipa doing when they aren’t just working on their music but also starring in their lives as well? Well, they’ve recently made time to do something that a lot of other pop artists can only dream of — they’ve had an eventful trip to England!

Guincho’s English-born mother, Victoria, was on holiday in the United Kingdom when the opportunity arose for the two performers to perform at Glastonbury festival in an upcoming edition of the popular British pop music festival that this year celebrated its 19th

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