Some evacuation orders lifted in San Bernardino County towns hit by debris flows

Residents are asked to stay indoors, not to drive and to avoid roads, according to the county’s official advisory.


On Tuesday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) issued a “Stay Out” order for the area of Silver Lake where about 1,000 people have been ordered to evacuate due to flooding. The order applies to the immediate area between the town and the Silver Lake Dam and does not restrict travel on Highway 178 from town to Lake Perris.

The advisory also advises people not to drive in the area as there are areas that have been severely damaged by the debris flow but still contain standing water and low-lying areas. The area is also not well populated, with the exception of a handful of residents, according to FWS. Residents were asked to stay indoors and if driving, to drive with caution. The advisory also advises people to avoid water or low-lying areas, and to keep an eye on water and low-lying areas, as water levels at the Dam have dropped significantly.

Preliminary reports indicate that the Dam and its reservoir were not breached in the event of a breach in the Dam, according to FWS.

The emergency response is in the hands of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department as well as California Highway Patrol, according to Sheriff John M. Carter.

Evacuations and road closures due to high water are currently in effect for the following areas:

Baldwin Dam

In response to the dam breach, the following road closures are in effect for Baldwin Dam:

Baldwin Fire Protection District

South of Highway 178, east of Baldwin Boulevard

US-101 North of Baldwin Boulevard

Baldwin Community College

US-101 South of Baldwin Boulevard

The following road closures are in effect for Baldwin Fire Protection District:

South of Highway 178, west

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