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Haiti’s second cholera epidemic is the worst in 15 years

Haiti's second cholera epidemic is the worst in 15 years

Haiti’s cholera death toll rises to 136 as outbreak gets ‘worse and worse every day’ Published duration 20 May 2011

image caption A woman disinfects a public water pump in the Petit-Goave hospital in Gonaives

The death of three people and the capture of another four in Haiti’s second cholera epidemic is raising to 135 the number of people who have died and another 200 who have been hurt.

More than 70 people are being treated for cholera in two hospitals in the eastern Haitian city of Gonaives.

Haitians infected in the recent outbreak were moved to hospitals.

The epidemic has now spread to the north-east and, as the death toll continues to rise, the number of cases has increased by about 10,000.

Health authorities say a few people have left the hospitals, but many others have been stuck in quarantine or on the verge of succumbing.

‘Ventilation problem’

Mr Charles Michel, the UN envoy for Haiti, said the epidemic was growing “worse and worse every day”.

He was quoted as saying the cholera epidemic was the worst in 15 years in terms of total numbers of cases and deaths.

In a press briefing, Ms Marguerite Kowalska, the director-general of the World Health Organisation (WHO), said cholera continued to spread in Haiti, as did some of the other “very recent” outbreaks in the region.

“At this stage, we do not have an estimate of the total number of cases in Haiti, but we think that probably the epidemic is still growing,” she said.

She added that the outbreak had been “triggered by poor sanitation.

“In urban Haiti, particularly in Port-au-Prince and Gonaives, the problem is that there is no sewage system,” she told a news briefing in Geneva.

“The problem is that there is no drainage system, there is no latrine and the sanitation system, if it exists, is very rudimentary.”

On Wednesday, thousands took part in a strike to protest against the lack of sanitation at the Port-au-Prince airport.

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