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How to Enroll for the First Time This Year

How to Enroll for the First Time This Year

Covered California open enrollment begins. What to know about signing up, subsidies and more

A look at the first steps for California residents to receive tax credits to help them buy their own health coverage this year. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2014)

It’s a time when Californians will go into a public records, or “citizen record,” box to find out more about the changes they face this year.

In a bid to make its insurance marketplace the most efficient one in the country, the Obama administration announced Wednesday that it would allow eligible Americans to sign up for coverage for the first time this year without submitting claims. People will be able to enroll for free through and through an online portal that gives them access to premium tax credits.

Under the move, California residents will receive information about how to enroll from Sept. 15, the date when enrollment officially begins, through Dec. 15.

Here a look at what to know about enrollment for the first time this year.

What to do and not do to enroll this year

1. Go to the online enrollment tool. will provide all of the basic information for the first time this year.

On, go to the “Find a Plan” page on the left and click the red button that says “Select Plan Options.”

2. Enter your last name, your first name, a zip code and an age.

You’ll soon find a box asking for your zip code.

On, you will get the following message: “Your information has been updated.” You’ll receive this message via text or telephone from the Office of the Actuary, which is the federal agency that handles health-care costs in California and in nationwide.

3. Click Proceed to Enroll.

If you’re able to visit the online enrollment tool, you’ll be asked if you want to go to the insurance marketplace website, Navigate, or the health insurance marketplace website, You’ll need to go to

If you go to, you’ll see one of two screens:

“Select a plan

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