How to Get Your Vote Counted in Nevada

I’m Susie Lee: This is why I want Nevada’s vote in the midterm election to be counted. | Courtesy Photo/Paul Farrand, Jr.

Nevada’s vote in the midterm elections was not counted “until it was verified that the electronic votes had been fully transmitted from the county to the central tabulator,” the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office states.

The state’s explanation for the delay in counting the vote is that the central tabulator in Las Vegas was off-line.

The state says that “in the case of unforeseen technical difficulties,” the Secretary of State’s Office took over the role of counting the vote. Election officials at the Clark County Registrar’s Office say they followed all of the normal procedures to count the vote.

This election had a number of factors that contributed to the delays in counting the vote. For instance, the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office has a reputation for not being timely in counting votes, resulting in thousands of voters not being able to cast their votes in full.

That’s why it’s important to get your vote counted as soon as possible. Here are four steps that you can take now:

1. Contact your county Registrar of Voters and urge them to make sure they’ve counted the vote.

2. Get in touch with your county election worker or your county Clerk of the Court to find out what they did next.

3. Get in touch with the Secretary of State’s office directly and find out their decision for why your vote wasn’t counted. In all likelihood, they’ll tell you that the state has taken over the role of counting the vote and that you should still count your ballot.

4. Get in touch with election officials in the counties where you live, who you consider to be the most reliable and reputable election officials there are. Ask them to do a recount. If you’re really confident that your vote was properly counted, you can ask them to tell you for sure.

While you are doing these steps, keep in mind that you need to do this only after you’re done voting, and that the final vote

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