How to Make Time for Yourself

My Friend’s Style Is Becoming Embarrassing. Should I Tell Her?

As a personal style blogger, it’s my job to create content that makes my readers feel fabulous. That’s really hard to do when that content is riddled with the same old fashion advice:

You may want to do what I did back in 2013 but try to lose weight instead.

What I’m doing now may look ridiculous but don’t worry, it’s going to work for you.

My friend is a perfect example of why this type of content is not only annoying but really detrimental to an individual’s health and overall self-confidence.

I recently went to San Francisco to try and meet my friend Rachel. Since the weather was gorgeous, it was the perfect way to spend my morning. It was a few months prior that I came across Rachel’s blog and read how much she loved it. I was completely taken by her style and knew it was going to be something that I wanted to follow.

We met at a coffee shop where she was waiting for me, with a gorgeous white dress and a pair of flip-flops. I was surprised to see how comfortable Rachel looked in her clothes.

“I am so excited,” she said, as we sat down at her table. “Today we are going to go shopping.”

Rachel’s style is definitely unique. Her style fits perfectly with her personality. She is outgoing and kind of quirky. Not my style but I am happy I met her!

“I am wearing my ‘Fashion of the Month’ jacket,” Rachel said, pointing to the front flap of her dress. “It’s my favorite style.”

We had a few laughs over having the same fashion blogger in the same city for two days. She had been inspired by my style (which is a definite compliment) and was excited to try these new clothes. Rachel also had some great tips to share with me on how to take time off of the grind and make time for yourself in your life.

“I am so excited that

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