How to Prepare for Winds

Cooler weather is on the way this weekend, and so are Santa Ana winds. Winds can reach over 40 miles per hour, which is not only dangerous for pilots, it can cause serious damage to your car. When winds are strong, you might be able to prevent being blown off the road, but when they are too strong, which will be during parts of the weekend, they can cause severe damage, like a rollover or tire blowout.

Winds can originate anywhere, but they most commonly come from the ocean and mountains, so keep these locations in mind as you travel on the roads.

Be prepared for winds. Keep your car’s brakes, steering and suspension in good condition. The best way to keep your car from suffering from wind damage is to keep it in a garage with good air flow. If you want to go out in your car and drive, you might want to park it in the shade. If you travel during the day, do not use the trunk of your car, or the trunk of your family’s car, as they are prone to being blown over when the roads are windy.

Watch the roads. If you travel during the weekend, you’re probably going to pass through areas where the roads are filled with passing traffic, which is where the wind is coming from. Avoid passing through these areas if possible. This is especially important during the day as motorists slow down and drivers on motorcycles slow down, too.

Plan ahead. If you are going to be traveling through an area where you will get windy, prepare for it beforehand. Plan where you’re going to park, be sure you have plenty of snacks and water in the car, and also make sure the car can handle the weather.

If you aren’t going to be in a particular area that’s prone to strong winds, then simply follow the same recommendations regarding preparing for the wind. You might not even need to be aware of the locations of strong winds, though. You might experience winds anytime, anyplace.

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