How to Travel More Affordablely as a Nomad

Beyond Borders: A Deep Dive Into the Nomadic Way of Life

“I’ve heard people say, ‘We shouldn’t travel, we’re too expensive.’ Well, who goes on vacation? It’s one of the most essential parts of being a person.”

—Nathan Bransford, The Travel Writer

In today’s world of work and life, being nomadic may seem counterintuitive. The notion of being away from it all – at least for a while – seems to be a luxury. Our globalized world has not only produced the most efficient and most prosperous business model, and a globalizing economy, but it has also taken away the opportunity for many people to live a simple life away from the normal, to escape their day to day lives and to take a break from the hectic pace they are part of.

And the good news is there are ways to make traveling a bit more affordable, with the occasional back-and-forth between cities while you find an outlet for your wanderlust. As a nomad, you can find a way to stay in touch with the world, while you’re away from the confines of your home.

One of my favorite destinations to explore is Costa Rica, where I spent two weeks last year. In the picturesque town of San Jose del Cabo, I got to visit the ruins of a colonial monastery, hike through the rainforest, take in the beach life and even get a taste of the coffee that is the local national drink.

In another location, I spent a week in Costa Rica in December, in the rural town of Alajuela, where I traveled up hill and down dale with my travel companion, to get to the high plains of the Sierra de la Costa, one of the most beautiful areas of the country. This was our first time visiting the countryside, since we are both from

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