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ISIS-linked bombing kills 32 and injures 65 as pilgrims visit Shiite shrine in Iraq

ISIS-linked bombing kills 32 and injures 65 as pilgrims visit Shiite shrine in Iraq

ISIS-linked militants are threatening huge natural gas reserves the world needs badly right now, according to an energy source quoted by the website Asia Times.

“This is the biggest threat to global energy security for the upcoming decade,” it reported, adding that “the source said that Daesh-linked militants are threatening huge natural gas reserves in the Middle East.”

This comes as a group of militants attacked a Shiite Muslim shrine in the Iraqi city of Samarra on Saturday. It also comes at the same time oil prices have continued to plummet on the US shale market, as an increasing number of world powers have been forced to shut down production to combat the worst oil downturn in a century.

An ISIS-linked bombing in Samarra killed at least 32, and injured another 65 people as they visited the Imam Hussein shrine, a Shia Muslim holy site.

The bombers struck the area while a number of worshippers were praying, which led to a series of other bombs going off in the area. The shrine is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city.

ISIS claimed the attack, writing on Twitter that “the Islamic State carried out a special operation against the holy Shi’a place of pilgrimage in Samarra under the cover of the prayers to the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.”

According to the AFP, the attack took place in the al-Zaabi neighborhood of the city, which is home to Shiite communities.

Officials say the incident was carried out by at least two militants, who were on a motorbike when they were confronted by security forces in the city.

The bombings have caused panic in the surrounding area, as thousands of pilgrims have been unable to get inside the shrine. It is the biggest shrine in Iraq and it is the site of one of the oldest Shiite Imam’s.

Iraqi security forces have cordoned off the area as they attempt to investigate the attacks. There were also reports of shots being fired at nearby police and security buildings. The attack comes as the country is due to hold presidential elections later this month.

Iraq has also banned all travel to Samarra while security forces searched the surrounding area.

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