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Jeffrey Dahmer’s Strange Visit to his Home

Jeffrey Dahmer's Strange Visit to his Home

What Evan Peters learned after 10 months in Jeffrey Dahmer’s head

Last week, writer Evan Peters shared a tale of a disturbing incident he had while reporting on Jeffrey Dahmer. While he was sitting in the hospital room of Dahmer’s friend, Peters recalls a strange visit from the accused serial killer, who allegedly gave him a tour of some of his bizarre behavior.

He described what Dahmer told him of his life before he met him. He said the two “had become very intimate friends.” Peters said he and Dahmer “briefly bonded” over a mutual interest in art.

But there was something that Dahmer kept to himself.

Dahmer “gave Evan a tour of Dahmer’s own apartment where Dahmer had apparently spent hours naked and masturbating,” Peters explained.

Peters, who was there for Dahmer’s suicide, said that he witnessed the strange trip he took with Dahmer in “a secluded part of his home.”

“Dahmer took me to an isolated area of his home where he showed me several locations where he allegedly had masturbated to his favorite pornographic materials,” Peters wrote. “Once we were in the room where Dahmer allegedly used the bathroom, Dahmer took out a picture he had taken of himself in a bathing suit and showed it to me. He also had a pair of scissors on the table in front of him. He cut a hole in the back of his robe and showed me how the scissors had cut through the cloth and were in his head. As the camera flashed behind his head, Dahmer used the scissors to hack a hole in his own brain. Dahmer also took me to another room where he made a pornographic video of himself. At one point, he said that he wanted to show me the video because it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.”

Dahmer also showed Peters a video that he said he had made of himself in the shower, and a photo of himself eating a hot dog and using a knife to carve the meat off of it.

But as Peters was preparing to write about the incident, the details of it began to sound much more troubling. Peters said that he never got a chance to ask Dahmer anything about his life before he met him. In fact, he said that he was too afraid to ask

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