John Doe, the FBI’s friend, agreed to cooperate with the investigation

What’s behind the increased violence against police officers?

In the last few months, three police were killed by gunmen on duty in Texas, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

The FBI is investigating whether the officers were murdered by the people who killed the officers, or by someone acting in their name.

The FBI also has made a public appeal to the public to come forward with information about a high-priority case where someone is believed to have plotted to kill a police officer.

The FBI has been looking for this man for 17 years, and he was suspected of being a U.S. government assassin.

The man was suspected to have been responsible for the assassination of President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

The FBI has been looking for this man for a number of years.

But on Thursday, a friend of the man, whom we will call ‘John Doe’, came to an agreement with the FBI and agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

What has John Doe provided to the FBI in terms of information about the alleged plot?

The John Doe man contacted the FBI a few months ago. He told them that while he was at Fort Hood in Texas, he met a man who said he was a military contractor with U.S. Central Command.

And the John Doe man told the FBI that the man introduced him to members of a secret group, who wanted to kill police officers.

The FBI has said the man was “an active member” of this group.

What John Doe did next is of significant significance.

John Doe told the FBI he met with the man one day in the parking lot of a local restaurant where he was served food and drinks.

Soon after, the man said he wanted to tell the John Doe man something, and then the man asked the John Doe man whether he was married.

John Doe said he said no, but that he was in trouble with the law, so he would like to get some information on a fellow who was married.

The man told the John Doe man the man could get information about the John Doe man from the man’s wife, who was having problems with the couple’s son.

The John Doe man said he did some research on the man named John

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