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Judge Judy Sues Justin Bieber for Terrorizing Her

Judge Judy Sues Justin Bieber for Terrorizing Her

Judge Judy claims Justin Bieber is ‘scared to death’ of her, avoided her when they were neighbors. They even have common ground in politics. – YouTube / Mika Brebeck

A Florida judge is accusing Justin Bieber of terrorizing her with the sound of her barking dog, and he’s now seeking a restraining order against her, saying the rock star is “scared to death” about her.

In a lawsuit signed by Judge Judy, Judge Judy, the judge has gone after Justin Bieber for three years, accusing him of terrorizing and intimidating her.

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Judge Judy alleges that Justin Bieber is’scared to death’ of her, and she’s even had common ground in politics

In her lawsuit, Judge Judy says Justin Bieber was ‘threatening her’ with the bark of her dog when she lived in the neighboring house to him in 2007.

And he has ‘terrorized her for nearly three years by repeatedly coming over to her home, where he would call her names and curse at her, while making obscene gestures and hand gestures,’ the lawsuit says.

In the lawsuit, Judge Judy says that Justin Bieber once told her: ‘I don’t really care for you and I’m going to tell everybody that I am going to have the dog killed. They won’t be able to find it. It will be under my bed where they won’t be able to find it.’

She says he also told her he planned to ‘throw her out’ of the house because she wasn’t a good influence on Justin’s life and would make his life miserable by having his dog killed.

The lawsuit goes on to state that Judge Judy was initially ‘horrified’ by Justin Bieber when she first saw the singer a few weeks after he moved in the house that he has now moved into.

But as Justin spent more time at the house, she says she began to grow ’emotional and angry’ at him.

She also adds that she was ‘taunted and bullied’ by him because she was a judge.

‘I’m sorry, but just because you are a judge, doesn’t give you the right to treat your neighbors like this,’ she says.

‘It’s ridiculous,’ she says at one point, in the lawsuit.

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