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Kenya’s Most Hotly Contested Election Has Been a Black One

Kenya’s Most Hotly Contested Election Has Been a Black One

See the chaotic scenes as Kenya elects new president Uhuru Kenyatta


Kenya has been plagued by conflict for decades and is the world’s most successful experiment in democracy. Yet it is in this moment that many are seeing a new, potentially profound shift in the country’s history.

After years of ailing democracy, Kenya is finally embracing its past.

In a country that has never elected to power a non-white president, Kenya is voting for a black one in the most hotly contested election in its history. Uhuru Kenyatta, the former governor of the Eastern Province and son of a former president, has just turned in his victory speech, with a resounding 95% of the vote, the highest for a non-white candidate in the country’s history.

The incumbent, President Uhuru Kenyatta, called the election results “emotional” and vowed to govern on the same platform he did in 2012. Kenya’s election commission, meanwhile, announced it would use “the most inclusive approach available by conducting an electoral roll that is truly representative of Kenyans’ votes.”

Kenyatta’s victory is especially poignant given the country’s recent history. The first post-colonial elections in the country’s history took place in 1963, and Kenyatta won with 58% of the vote. Three decades later, the same Kenyatta won again with the support of then-President Daniel arap Moi, who described the outcome as “a very proud day for Kenya, a great day for Kenya, as a proud day for this country.”

In the years since, the country has endured wars and civil war. Its leader has presided over a country that is one of Africa’s most stable and secure. Its citizens have enjoyed decades of peace, even if its economy has remained in a slump.

What’s also notable about these two elections is that Kenyatta emerged stronger and more

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