Kevin de León is an empty suit

Letters to the Editor: Kevin de León wants to serve his constituents. So why isn’t he resigning?

It’s one of those days when the heat really hits. So, not surprisingly, we find ourselves with a couple of letters in the local papers. You know the sort: the “what the heck” letter in response to news about a councilman, the “how could we have done it better” letter in response to news about council members. Then there are the “who the heck would have voted for him?” letter after news that one of our former police officers has been convicted of a felony.

What can the de León camp offer us to make us change our positions on these issues?

I want to offer two reasons why I am so troubled by the de León-Zimmerman saga. First, it is now obvious that Kevin de León is not only an empty suit, but a hypocrite; he has put his political ambitions ahead of serving the public. And, for the moment, that looks like a dangerous combination.

Second, it is clear that in the aftermath of the Zimmermann incident, Kevin de León and the city council are now in the service of the de León campaign against Mayor Steve Benjamin.

In other words, Kevin de León is now engaged in a political vendetta against the mayor. Kevin de León is not a man with integrity. He is a man who could not give a bad word to a dog.

I’ve met the mayor twice. I’ve also met the former commissioner for public safety and our police chief. I know the mayor is a man with integrity who cares deeply about public safety.

And I know Kevin de León is running for mayor after being appointed to the city council last year.

I also know the mayor gave the former commissioner one last chance to resign after the misconduct. He did not.

So, I ask Mr. de León this: When can you resign as an empty-suit? And when can you accept responsibility for the fact that you have been running political campaigns against the mayor because you want to serve the mayor’s political interests?

Kevin de

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