Lord’s is the only place open in Largo

How the Dame Owners Decorated Their New Restaurant, Lord’s

After a couple months in New York, we got back to Chicago and set out to find a place open in the neighborhood, the only place open in downtown Largo. It was tough, as any tourist could tell you, but Largo has a way of finding you. We stumbled in Largo for the first time by accident, and it took us a couple weeks to find a place where we would feel comfortable. We needed to get in for cocktails. We went to a new bar, and when we walked in to try the cocktail list, it had every drink on it we had ever heard of, including the infamous “Strasbourg Cocktail.” I was ready to barf. Then we walked in the other day (I haven’t seen it in years) and the staff at Lord’s was ready to barf.

Lord’s is located between the North Bridge and the Lincoln Park West Bridge. If you don’t know what a bridge-to-bridge is, it’s a bridge that crosses two major bridges. I grew up in South Florida (just down the road from Miami’s famous bridge-to-bridge) and saw many bridges. We went to the North Bridge (and we have to cross it every time we stay in Chicago, I have to tell you) and we saw the Lincoln Park West Bridge (and we have to cross it every time we stay in Chicago, I have to tell you), but we hadn’t crossed them since moving to Chicago. We went to Lord’s as our first official dining experience in the Midwest (I had dinner in Chicago five times before I moved here) and we weren’t disappointed.

If you’ve never heard of the Lady in Red, you should definitely head to Largo.

The Lady in Red is a restaurant by one of the best names in the restaurant business

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