Marilyn Monroe: A Public Service

Letters to the Editor: Angela Lansbury, the actress you really wanted to work with you


on July 21, 2007 12:26 AM

Photo: GORDON GULLIVER/Getty Images

The last time we met, you told me you couldn’t work with me for fear I was going to turn out to be a monster. I really liked this lady (Angela Lansbury), and in fact she said she was willing to consider it.

This isn’t so much a criticism as it is an opportunity for a public service: I’d love to hear some of your reactions to the invitation.

I’m guessing you all live here. I’ll start with my favorite movie star of all time: Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn, as you know, lived in a modest single room apartment in the Lower East Side, and every day, I’m sure, she walked the few blocks home from the Public Theater up to the High Line.

She didn’t have any personal assistants or staff. She went to her studio in West 57th Street in her dressing room.

She didn’t wear a fur coat, as she did in most of those big-budget films she made.

She had to make the clothes and cut the hair. She had to rehearse and film, take the dress photographs, and prepare the make-up.

She spent most of her time at school and didn’t have much time, as did most of the other kids, for playing sports or going out.

And to make it worse, when she did go out, she got hit on constantly, and it was hard for her to avoid being “discovered” by photographers, which she called “the paparazzi.”

I’m pretty sure if she walked home at night, she was going to be hit by someone.

My mother was a very pretty woman, and she lived, until she went to live with my grandmother, on a little farm in the middle of nowhere, and she had no security.

My mother was only allowed to stay with my grandmother for a week at a time because the farm

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