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Mick Mulvaney called Sen. Tim Scott a “racist” while they toured the White House

Mick Mulvaney called Sen. Tim Scott a “racist” while they toured the White House

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The White House’s new chief of staff, Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, went after Republican Sen. Tim Scott, D-S.C., on Friday morning by calling him a bigot on Twitter.

Scott did not agree with Mulvaney’s view of his views, so he fired back.

In a one-hour meeting Friday, Mulvaney came up with a new explanation for the meeting.

“What I told him is that it’s pretty clear we all have a different set of priorities,” Mulvaney testified. “So I gave him the alternative explanation that you can choose to support either of those two or those three.”

Mulvaney, now the acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, was on Capitol Hill Friday for a hearing with Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C. Scott testified that Mulvaney made him feel like a “racist” while they toured the White House.

Scott is one of five members of Congress who were part of the trip to the White House from March 1 to 3, 2017, that was organized by President Donald Trump.

According to a transcript of the Scott’s testimony, Mulvaney called Scott a “dude” and said he was having a “good time.”

On Thursday, Mulvaney appeared before the Senate Budget Committee and testified he did not know the details of the White House visit, but that it was a “good idea.” He said Trump’s decision was about jobs and the economy.

And Mulvaney, now acting as chief of staff, called Scott a “racist,” according to text messages captured by Fox News.

The White House’s explanation for the Mar-a-Lago meeting with Trump on March 6, 2017, to discuss a plan to defeat ISIS was that the president and the first lady had a dinner at the resort.

Mulvaney described the meeting as “just a good idea” and said it was a “

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