Mike Levin is a No Vote in Washington

Endorsement: Send Mike Levin back to Congress

Rep. Mike Levin (D-MI) has been on the Hill for decades. He’s a veteran of the Armed Services Committees of both parties. He has been the Armed Services Committee chairman for nearly a decade and the Vice Chair for 16 years. He has been the chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee for nearly a decade. He represents Michigan’s 9th District and is a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

But he has not done anything in Washington because he has done everything he can on the Hill. He voted against the Iraq War until it was politically expedient. He voted for the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War. Levin voted for the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, and the creation of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Levin voted against the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. Levin voted against the Affordable Care Act. Levin voted against the Deficit Reduction Act that was finally passed. Levin voted in favor of the Iraq War supplemental funding bill and he voted against the funding bill that would go to pay for the defense of Iraq. Levin has even voted for the military budget and against the defense appropriations. When there is a vote for defense, Levin votes no. Now Levin has become a “no” vote in all of Washington.

Now that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans are over the Levin campaign website is using what could be the strongest part of the web site when it asks for your support for Levin. Levin has done everything he could, but Levin has not gotten the support he wanted from the vast majority of Americans. Levin has only gotten the endorsement of a handful of Senators – all Democrats, two of whom voted to ratify the constitution. Levin has gotten the endorsements of the Republican Senator who is the most conservative member of the Senate. All of these endorsements are “no” endorsements and are the difference between Levin’s status as a “no” vote and a “yes” vote for Levin.

Levin’s campaign website is using what could be the strongest part of the web site when it encourages you to give Levin your support by clicking on the “Yes, I support Levin” button. In order to get the endorsement of Levin, you have to click on the button and then send a letter to Levin. You have to send an email to Levin so his campaign can send it to you.

I know, because I did it. I went to Levin’s campaign website and clicked

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