Neymar is Back. He’s Back.

Neymar, Barcelona and the Brazilian Who Wants His Money Back

So Neymar is back. Neymar is back. He’s back.

A week ago, Neymar scored the game-winning free-kick in Real Madrid’s final game before the FIFA Champions League final against Chelsea.

“I love football, I love competing. Neymar is a footballer. He works very hard for the team,” Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso told reporters after the match.

Since those words, Neymar has been hailed as the next Lionel Messi.

He’s a five-time Ballon d’Or nominee, has won the FIFA Best FIFA Men’s Player in 2015 and 2011 and has been called by Lionel Messi to be his successor.

In the past few months, he has become a household name.

In just four games with Brazil, Neymar’s value has rocketed to $100 million, according to

He’s the world’s most valuable footballer — though the latest Forbes estimates his value at $100 million.

According to Forbes, Neymar is valued at $84 million by his team, and his value at $100 million by FIFA, the competition’s governing body.

Not bad for a striker who made his debut in 2006.

He was a star at Brazilian club Santos, where he was called up to train with the Brazilian national team in 2005.

Neymar quickly emerged as a superstar, and his first appearance at Camp Nou in October 2007 came at a time when Barcelona, one of the world’s superpowers, had just won the Spanish league title.

He didn’t make an appearance that year (nor in the following two seasons), but in 2009, he signed a seven-year contract worth $50 million.

While playing in Brazil, he became known as Xavi, and scored his first goal for Brazil when he came off the bench against Italy.

In his first season with Barcelona, he scored 14 goals in 18 appearances.

He went on to score 12 goals in 34 appearances in his first two campaigns.

On his third season, Neymar won the golden boot award with 33 goals

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