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Simona Halep denies taking a banned substance

Simona Halep denies taking a banned substance

Simona Halep’s former coach says ‘no chance’ the two-time grand slam champion knowingly took banned substance

A former head coach of the world’s greatest player said it was “absolutely” impossible for Simona Halep to have knowingly taken a drug banned by WADA.

Antonio Conte told a press conference to launch a new anti-doping programme in the Spanish capital that he could not accept the possibility.

He also said he did not believe the 22-time grand slam champion could have taken anything other than the banned substance which has previously been tested positive by a blood test.

This comes after it was revealed that at least four of the world number one’s results from 2017 are in question and more than a dozen have been questioned or banned following further testing.

Simona Halep has denied taking a banned substance

Earlier this month, the WADA announced that there was a new rule in place that a range of substances banned by the sport will now be scrutinised.

These new rules will be expanded upon next year and are aimed at catching athletes who have broken the rules.

The ruling comes after the International Tennis Association warned earlier this month that the results of the two biggest tournament matches from the 2017 season are under review.

The ATP has said it would launch its own investigation into Serena Williams’ results from last year.

However, it has since insisted that there is no evidence that the WTA has any evidence of illegal drug use.

Conte said that he would never accept any possibility that Simona took anything other than the substance banned in the sport.

“No chance. Never,” he said of his former employee.

Simona Halep said she had not taken any banned substances but would “never” make any mistakes again

“I don’t want anything to ever come to the [witness] stand. [No chance] if I were to do anything,” he told the Spanish news agency Efe.

“I just can’t accept the very possibility that a player in that level of tennis [simona] has done something.

“If there were some other

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