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Sony Pictures Classics to acquire Legendary ‘Dune’ distribution rights

Sony Pictures Classics to acquire Legendary 'Dune' distribution rights

‘Dune’ film producer Legendary moves distribution deal to Sony from Warner Bros.

It’s been announced that Legendary Pictures will move their distribution rights to Sony Pictures after acquiring the distribution rights to the upcoming film ‘Dune’ through their joint business venture, Legendary and Sony Pictures Classics, in a deal worth approximately $40 million.

The deal will give Sony Pictures Classics with their new distribution rights to Legendary ‘Dune’ on February 15, 2020.

Sony Pictures Classics will act as a co-distributor on this occasion, with Legendary Pictures handling international sales in North America, and Sony Pictures Classics handling international sales in Europe. It will allow Legendary Pictures to concentrate on their upcoming film projects, “the highest quality and most ambitious projects in the world with a wide and rich audience base” as stated by Sony Pictures Classics.

Legendary Pictures’ Chairman and CEO Thomas Tull, said: “Legendary’s and Sony Pictures Classics’ long term partnership is integral to our company’s future success. We are thrilled to be developing this joint venture that will create new platforms for ‘Dune’ and for our filmmakers, while also bringing other exceptional film properties to the U.S. and international audiences. We are all committed to expanding our company in exciting and creative ways, and ‘Dune’ is one of many film projects in the pipeline.”

In related news, Legendary Pictures’ first teaser trailer for ‘Dune’ has gone viral on the internet and has also received high praise from fans. “The first teaser for ‘Dune’ from Legendary Pictures is a spectacular work of art. Legendary put its heart and soul into this trailer and it shows.” said one user on YouTube.

Tom Hanks, the producer of the film said, “I think that ‘Dune’ is something much more than a movie, but the audience will have to see it,” Hanks added. “It’s going to be a visual experience like no other. It’s going to be a film like no other.”

Hanks also said, “The Dune

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