The Best Album Of The Year

Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ credits reveal writers including Zoë Kravitz and Joe Alwyn

It’s the most anticipated album of the year (and I say that with as much sincerity as you can hope to muster).

So what about “Midnights”?

The title track is the most personal song she’s written to date. It’s about how the end of a relationship can feel like the end of a life.

So, if that’s not the sound, what does the rest of Midnights sound like?

Well, Zoë Kravitz wrote a beautiful song called “Midnight”.

The album-closing track “New Moon” came about when a friend sang the songs in the cab. Swift’s songwriting partner, Joe Alwyn, helped pick out a handful of writers, and put them together in a room.

That led to the track “What Do You Get?” which was named after Alwyn’s son. The song itself is about being a mum to a child and the challenges of that job.

A few songs were already there which Swift wrote as well; I really like “I Love You”, a song about a broken heart that goes on to become one half of Swift’s new duet with Calvin Harris.

Swift and Swift + Joe Alwyn

The next song, “All Too Well”, is yet another one written about Swift’s ex-boyfriend.

Lyrically, the song discusses the fear of being unloved. The third and final song, “I Don’t Want The World To Know”, is about breaking up and moving on.

The song’s structure is quite simple. It starts with a simple guitar melody, that’s followed by a piano riff and the lyrics.

Swift writes some beautiful lyrics on this record. “Midnight”, for instance, tells the story of a relationship which you’ll never get over. “What Do You Get” is about a broken heart, but its message is to let go of the past. “I Don’t Want The World To Know” is about a woman who loses the love of her life and chooses to move on.

When asked to pick up the pace of the album, Swift said: “It’s got a lot of energy. I think I’m an artist who

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