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The City Council Approves Plan for New Public Library Branch in Arts District

The City Council Approves Plan for New Public Library Branch in Arts District

Double the icons! Billy Joel, Stevie Nicks will bring piano and gold dust to SoFi Stadium on Sept. 20, an all-star lineup of rock and rock performers will play a free concert at 7 p.m. in the parking lot and, of course, there’s the annual festival at Tonic, which the Los Angeles City Council approved on Tuesday to include several new features.”

“The festival, a massive lineup of rock and rock classics, was an essential component of the effort to save Tonic, an art gallery that has been closing over the last few years on Central in downtown L.A.”

“Tonic is being offered for sale, and the owners have a plan to relocate the site for a music festival that they hope to create, but haven’t been able to afford the lease for the current space,” the article says.

“The city council also approved a plan to help with affordable housing in the area with the creation of the Westside Community Redevelopment Project (WCRP). The project calls for a series of affordable housing developments, affordable housing partnerships and affordable housing tax abatements, which would help the area in providing housing for under-served residents.”

“The city council also voted on a plan for a new public library branch in the Arts District. The new branch will be located at 815 S. Broadway. The council approved a two-year plan to renovate two aging library branches into libraries that will focus on technology and services that help to support community,” the story says.

“The council also voted to increase the amount of parking on a busy street known as ‘The Strip’ near Olympic Boulevard in the Arts District. The street is currently used for cars to park. The council decided to increase parking there from 16 spaces to 30 spaces.”

“The Arts District’s population is expected to grow 25 percent over the next two decades, from 2,500 to 4,000 residents, as more people move to the area. The district includes the area where the new library branch is located. It’s

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