The Empower Georgia Campaign Shows That We Already Have a Green Wave

5 Takeaways From the Abrams-Kemp Debate in Georgia

Abrams and Kemp were on the same side on some issues, but they were sharply and strongly opposed in others.

The gubernatorial race here is closer than it seems, and the outcome could turn on some of the state’s most contentious policy issues.

The election is less than a month away. And, if we’re paying attention, we should be able to pick out which battles are likely to be decided.

It’s the job of political strategists to divine the fates of races by looking at the ground they are willing to cover, the battlegrounds they think they can dominate, potential opponents’ strengths, weaknesses, or weaknesses, and the dynamics involved.

This is especially important when considering races where the candidates and their parties will be campaigning against each other for four months or more.

Here’s what we know: Abrams and Kemp got to know one another. They’ve discussed their shared positions on some local issues and some national ones. They’ve both said things in public that appear to be inconsistent with their stated positions on some other issues.

And, if you look at the issues that they are likely to debate before Election Day, they line up.

A ‘Green Wave’ is likely to sweep the state, according to polls

Abrams and Kemp have been discussing how to create new revenue to improve the state’s schools.

Both were instrumental in creating the Empower Georgia campaign, a local initiative to advance a vision of better pay for teachers and more resources for students.

Abrams said he believed the Empower Georgia campaign showed that we already have a “Green Wave” going that could help to improve Georgia’s schools.

“This is what this campaign is about. We’re very focused on working with a coalition of groups to see what we can do to make Georgia a more equitable

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