The heat wave is behind us now, meteorologist says

Record heat returns to Southern California after fall-like conditions


The latest heat wave that engulfed Southern California on Monday has been largely behind by.

In Los Angeles, a high of 108 degrees was recorded in Hollywood and Westwood in the early afternoon and a low of 95 degrees was reported in Santa Monica.

In the Central Valley, a high of 95 degrees was recorded in Bakersfield and a low of 93 degrees in Ontario.

The National Weather Service predicted the hot weather could last through Wednesday.

While the heat wave had its peak late Monday afternoon, temperatures were still rising from midmorning into the afternoon, said meteorologist Jason Guebra.

“The early peak of the heat wave is behind us now,” he said.

Southern California was one of the hottest places in the nation last week.

The area had temperatures nearly 5 degrees above normal, according to the National Weather Service in Los Angeles.

Guebra said the recent heat wave was likely to return later this week.

“We could see heat indices of up to 110 degrees and in some locations that would be dangerous for the public,” he said.

“A heat index of between 110 and 120 degrees over a number of areas could become life-threatening and could make air condition on certain days dangerous,” he added.

The heat wave was likely more due to the lack of a cold front, meteorologist Guebra said.

“Instead of the cold front moving in and dissipating, it had continued on into Tuesday and we are seeing the heat and humidity build up very quickly,” he said.

“This lack of a cold front is going to lead to very extreme high temperatures,” he said.

He believes the heat wave would likely extend into late next week.

The heat wave has not affected public travel on Interstate 5, meaning people are still able to get to work.

“I would not be surprised if many people were still out and working through Wednesday,” Guebra said.

The heat wave, which began on Friday, has left Southern California with a heat index above 105 degrees, which was only exceeded by parts of Nevada and Arizona last week.

The heat wave continued through Monday and was largely behind by

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