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The Jane Hotel, a four-story hotel on the ground level of the airport

The Jane Hotel, a four-story hotel on the ground level of the airport

One Last Public Party at the Jane Hotel

By: Michael Kelly

The John P. Kennedy International Airport is the world’s busiest civilian air traffic intersection with passengers and cargo arriving and departing from more than 6,000 aircraft, making it a key international hub for travel and commerce.

The Jane Hotel is a four-story hotel on the ground level of the airport just past the passenger terminal with a beautiful rooftop bar and restaurant.

It was constructed as part of the first terminal expansion project in 1972 to increase capacity at the airport after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, and is the oldest continuously-operating hotel in the airport’s history.

The airport expansion has evolved with the passenger and cargo traffic demands at the time. The original building was constructed of reinforced concrete and was originally built for a single-occupancy hotel.

The Jane was built in 1972 at a cost of $24.8 million as part of the original Terminal C expansion project, which included new passenger areas, a sky bridge, a pedestrian mall, and an air bridge connecting Terminal C and Terminal D, which is now Terminal E. The new four-story, concrete and glass structure was designed by architects Van Oudenhoven, De Vries & Associates of New York and New Haven, Connecticut.

The Jane Hotel is a four-story, multi-level, 30-room high-rise hotel. It is unique for its use of glass-enclosed walkways, large windows, and a rooftop restaurant/bar.

I am fortunate to be able to frequent this historic hotel on a regular basis.

The original building was originally designed as a three-story building with one ground-floor and two second floors, with an elevator to the second floor, but, as the second floor was not built, the original building has only two floors and a third elevator just out of frame in the photo.

The building is considered the world’s tallest concrete building. The building is

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