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NLCS: Mike Clevinger and Padres Are Overwhelmed in Philadelphia

The Phillies are 2-7 in the NL playoffs. They should have been 4-4. Their 3-4 start has been the worst of the season, as they got off to slow starts in several crucial outings, and were outscored 9-2 in 2-games-to-0-games games. They had some great runs late in the game, but just as many when they weren’t.

Now, they are 4-8, with their most recent loss coming in the fifth. They had lost to the Cubs in the NLDS (8-3), but then won 9-3 on the road in the NLCS against the Cardinals. They are now playing at Wrigley Field.

The Phillies have been in the NLCS a staggering 13 times, and have won all 13. It is the second most appearances of any team in the history of the National League postseason. The Cardinals are 10. The Milwaukee Braves are 12-consecutive. Then there are the Pirates and Cubs, but they don’t belong in the same conversation. The Phillies have been in the playoffs 16 times, with their last appearance in the playoffs being in 2008.

The Phillies have been to the playoffs in 7 different decades, with one of those being in a decade where the team is currently winning the NL East. Since 1918, the Phillies have been to the playoffs in 8 different decades. But for some reason, they always end up watching out of the picture with one of the last two postseason appearances.

The Phillies and Phillies Fan Club used to have two organizations, with the Phillies having the Philadelphia Athletics. After the creation of the NL, the Philadelphia Athletics continued to exist, as did the minor league teams. The Phillies organization was moved to Baltimore, where the franchise was moved to the National League. The Phils became the Baltimore Orioles, and have been playing in the MLB since 1954. The Orioles are now owned by The Walt Disney Company, and as I mentioned, have been playing in the MLB since 1954.


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