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The question for Louisiana’s most prominent congressional candidate is how to avoid a public feud with the governor

The question for Louisiana's most prominent congressional candidate is how to avoid a public feud with the governor

How to Spend $1 Trillion? Mitch Landrieu Wants a Say.

As Louisiana’s Senate race continues to go down in flames, its most prominent congressional candidate is trying to avoid a public feud with the governor for good.

“I’m not going to let anyone take me behind the barn,” Mitch Landrieu said, suggesting that he would not answer any questions, including those from a reporter who tried to ask him about the Louisiana Legislature’ recent session.

In the wake of the controversy over the Louisiana Senate’s recent attempt to pass a budget that included a $1.2 billion, or almost 6 percent, tax cut for businesses, the state’s likely Democratic nominee for governor, state Sen. Mary Landrieu of New Orleans, is trying to distance herself from the political firestorm. Mary Landrieu, who has the support of national groups such as the American Federation for Teachers and the Sierra Club, is being forced to defend her positions in the Louisiana election by running into headwinds from the governor. The governor had threatened to remove Landrieu from the ballot if she refused to answer any questions about the budget. But Landrieu is refusing to back down and has been forced to defend her position to the media.

Landrieu is not going down without a fight, and the question is how she wants to fight it.

Landrieu, through her campaign, said that a major part of her campaign strategy is focusing on the issues that she believes are important to voters. As part of her efforts to connect with voters, Landrieu has been working to make her name known statewide. Her campaign has organized voter forums for teachers, students, and community leaders, as well as public events that include music, movies, and family fun. Landrieu’s campaign has also reached out to a group of local business owners, asking them to donate items to a campaign-related fund.

The question for Mary Landrieu is what, in fact, are the most important issues in the state’s election. She has come under attack, notably from gubernatorial candidate John Bel Edwards, because of her position on the controversial budget. During a recent debate with Edwards, Landrieu said that she will not take any public money. “I will not be bought, and I will not take from the people who are being bought,” she said. “I will not take any money from the politicians. Not for anything.”

But Landrieu’s campaign

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