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The Simpsons Returns to the Roots

The Simpsons Returns to the Roots

Spoiler alert: Ben Aldridge, star of ‘Spoiler Alert,’ is on the cusp of stardom. Now, in this week’s Spoiler Alert, we tackle this week’s two new dramas that could steal the spotlight from the rest of the new fall shows. Get your popcorn ready!

1) ‘The Orville’

The season premiere of The Orville, which is set to premiere on Sept. 30, had this clip of a woman (Mary Chieffo)’s mother describing her as “the sexiest girl in the world” and “the hottest girl in the universe.” Sounds like “Game of Thrones” meets “Sex and the City” meets “Ally McBeal” meets “Glee” meets “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” doesn’t it?

This is in part because the pilot was written and directed by David Aja, the writer behind the show “Community”… the show where an off-kilter girl gets pregnant at 15 and is told by doctors that she has to have an abortion. So the only person in “Community” is Amy Poehler. And a girl who has a terrible fear of being pregnant is on the side of the angels. The pilot episode. A very good pilot episode.

2) ‘Better Call Saul’

This week, we will see the first-ever meeting between Walter White (Raul Gil), Jesse Pinkman (Wentworth Miller) and Skyler White (Jonathan Banks). White is the lawyer dealing with the prosecution of Breaking Bad’s most beloved character, Walter White, only to find out he’s in a hell of his own making. And Skyler and Jesse can’t decide whether they should go for a big wedding or a small engagement.

3) The ‘Vox’

This week, “The Simpsons” returns to its roots, taking on the mantle of “Simpsons” as a parody. “The Simpsons” is funny when it’s making fun of stuff, but it’s

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