Torrey Pines Open Final

Carlos Alcaraz defeats Casper Ruud to win the US Open final

This is the final time I’ll be covering the US Open final at Torrey Pines, a course where anything can happen.

It’s fair to say that with the exception of the Open final at Pebble Beach, this will be the best final of the year on this island with the exception of the British Open at Royal St George’s.

The Open at Pebble Beach was amazing and a very special golf course to play. To see Jack Nicklaus in action was incredible and will never soon be matched.

The Open at Torrey Pines however has a special feeling about it. It’s the first time I’ll have played on that course and while I don’t know for certain what it is about the Open at Torrey Pines that makes it special, it does.

This would have been the perfect time to play, if only to save my knees.

I know that I am talking a lot about my knee, and while I have tried to explain my pain away, I can find no other way to say it.

I hurt when I play.

I have played my fair share of games on Torrey, and while I have had good results when it’s been the weekend after a tough round, I have still played very poorly on this hole, with rounds that seem too short or that I don’t have enough room to play well.

I have played on this green many times, to give you an idea of how I have looked in the past.

You have seen these shots in the past. I will get the same shot again and again, and I will feel very frustrated on both tee shots and greenside.

For me, the best approach to play this hole is to play a 4-5 footer and lay up.

To give you an idea of how I will try and play this hole again, here is the 4-

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