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Trent Alexander-Arnold is a big admirer of Manchester United’s Manchester United manager

Trent Alexander-Arnold is a big admirer of Manchester United's Manchester United manager

Trent Alexander-Arnold: ‘Man City is the biggest game of the season’

Manchester City star Trent Alexander-Arnold is full of admiration for the Manchester United man he admires as his old club Liverpool are chasing their first league title in 34 years.

It will be a tough task this season for United, who have won only three of their last 17 league games in all competitions. Manchester City are now the only major team who could make a late run to the top seven, with their Champions League campaign in the balance, and Alexander-Arnold, who played alongside David Silva on Chelsea’s 2011 top-four Champions League finalists team, believes the Red Devils would be a handful.

“I’m a big admirer of his. I know Manchester City are the biggest game of the season,” he told LFC TV in an exclusive sit down with the club’s video team. “The style is exactly the same. Manchester City are the same type of club to me as Liverpool are to him.

“The style is exactly the same, the quality is a little bit different. He’s played with quality, he’s played with speed, he’s played with physicality, he’s played with pace and power. He’s got ability all over the pitch, which is what they have too.

“The same manager, the same way he’s been playing, which is hard to do. It’s a big job to win three games in a row, I know it is. They’re a great team, they’re a tough team, they’re a great team, but we’ve got the quality to beat them, we’ve got the quality and the right attitude. The style is the same, we’ve got the right attitude, the right system to do it.

“We’ve got to go into the final third and use that to our advantage, we’ve got to attack the second ball and play at pace and quick tempo and

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