Trent Alexander-Arnold’s message to Liverpool fans

Trent Alexander-Arnold: ‘Man City is the biggest game of the season’

After Sunday’s 4-3 win over Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp was not about to go around telling the Liverpool fans at Anfield that they were playing ‘at home’ and that they were playing ‘a game’. However, you don’t need to be from Liverpool to know Liverpool are a special club – they are always playing ‘a game’.

That was the message Trent Alexander-Arnold, a 28-year-old winger who had his most productive game of the season so far against City, conveyed to Liverpool’s fans at Anfield on the second day of the Merseyside derby.

It was an interesting sight to see a winger with a penchant for the ball in a Liverpool shirt in the middle of the park. That was Liverpool’s first home game of the season and it was the first time Alexander-Arnold had featured as a winger since the end of last season.

Alexander-Arnold’s decision to sign for Liverpool from Swansea in the summer of 2017 was not without controversy. Shortly before he left Swansea in the summer of 2017, Alexander-Arnold’s contract was reportedly terminated by the club following a dressing room bust-up.

Alexander-Arnold admitted after the game that the way it ended was a ‘tragedy’. His former team-mate in Swansea, Brendan Rodgers, made it clear ‘something needs to be done’ with Alexander-Arnold – and Liverpool responded by offering him a deal worth up to £60,000-a-week at the club.

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Alexander-Arnold was sold for £16,000 (with add-ons) per week plus £60,000-a-week depending on appearances in the Premier League. It was a hefty price

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