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Trump is not a populist. He is a politician.

Trump is not a populist. He is a politician.

Letters to the Editor: Trump announced, and the media are already failing like it’s 2016


Jan 22, 2017 at 11:15 AMJan 22, 17:23 PM

I am old enough to have lived through America’s greatest presidency, with its darkening racial tension following the assassination of Martin Luther King. We have endured decades of this, and it has brought us all the way back to the days of the KKK, in the 1960s.

As we live through the Trump presidency, the political system is in upheaval. This disruption is not a direct result of the president.

He is not elected by the people. He is elected by the most powerful special interests in the country. Our system has turned into a joke.

It is funny how the media is taking up Donald Trump’s cause but ignoring his shortcomings and his real issues. The people are not buying the media line that this is his best chance to change the country. They are fed up with his political and policy record as president.

No matter how the media plays it, Trump has not changed any of the policy priorities we are seeing today. There is an open divide between the Republican Party, which is in the tank, and Donald Trump, who is not.

Trump’s promises are hollow. He has the money but also the support of many of his most ardent supporters.

His supporters are people who live in places that did before his election. They don’t see themselves as racist or anything close to that. They voted for him because they have a disdain for anything that would make their lives worse.

In this environment, a president is elected who is considered a threat to the establishment. We have got to get people who live in the heart of a city or on the outskirts of the city, into the heart of the community.

We need those people to stand behind a populist, not a politician, as they walk in front of us. People want to see strong leadership. They need direction, and we are headed towards socialism.

We have to stop with the empty talk, the hollow promises, the empty promises. When we had an economic recession in the 1990s

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