Tyler Simmons, Georgia State defensive end, fired from school after ‘speak up’ about sexual misconduct policies

Alabama fan fired after tweeting he was ‘glad’ receiver struck female Tennessee fan, who complained he was fired for being gay, by saying: ‘I am glad I didn’t come out because I would have been a huge distraction.’

A Georgia State University football player was fired after he posted on a social media account he was fired from the school for being gay and having a girlfriend.

A fan complained he was fired by saying, ‘I hope you get your butt kicked.’

The former defensive lineman has now been fired, according to a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

‘The Athletic Director and Coach in charge of this entire department was informed on March 6 on Twitter when I posted that I was fired,’ the former player said in his apology.

‘They knew something was wrong and since we were in the middle of spring break, nothing was done about it. I should have been fired immediately. You can only fire someone once to protect yourself.’

The player said he wanted to’set the record straight’ but said he didn’t know how to say it in a way that would be true.

Georgia State University defensive lineman Tyler Simmons is fired from the school as a result of a social media post in which he said he was fired after speaking up about the university’s sexual misconduct policies.

When asked by a fan who took screenshot of Simmons’ Facebook post on March 6, he said, ‘I am glad I didn’t come out because I would have been a huge distraction.’

Simmons, a 6-foot-2, 300 pound defensive end for the Georgia State Yellow Jackets football team, was fired as a result of his post and made a statement saying he was forced out of the school because of his sexual preference.

The Georgia State football player was fired by another fan, who took a screenshot of his tweet, telling Simmons via Facebook he was ‘glad’ that ‘I didn’t come out.’

After being asked by another fan who took a screenshot of his post, Simmons said, ‘I thought maybe the people who took the screenshot might be gay and didn’t even know it,’ the coach

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