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Uber’s deal with the city to keep Uber in Toronto ends

Uber’s deal with the city to keep Uber in Toronto ends

Uber warns of higher prices and longer wait times following Toronto’s decision to freeze new licences for ride-hailing services.

After a day of angry protests, a deal with the city to keep Uber in Toronto finally came to an end today.

Instead of an agreement that allowed Uber to remain, Toronto Mayor John Tory’s administration decided to freeze new licences until September, when it will be renewed.

The taxi trade union hailed the decision as a victory, arguing that it gives Uber a long enough reprieve to avoid losing its licence permanently to stay in the city. Uber has accused the city of trying to protect “the bottom-feeders.”

The taxi union did not respond to a request for comment.

If Uber is banned, it would effectively be leaving the city after operating for nine and a half years. The company has said it will continue operating here from its other locations.

That would leave the city without a major source of income. Uber has said it will close its Toronto hub, a major employer which has been the centre of its growth strategy in the city.

After the announcement, Uber tweeted that the deal with the city “isn’t good for Toronto.”

“The #UberToronto team is shocked,” the company’s new global head of corporate responsibility wrote in a message.

“We will now prepare for the day that we are no longer welcome with the Toronto Police Service and other law enforcement services, and to move all of our work from this city.”

It’s a blow to Uber’s bid for a Toronto foothold that’s likely to anger city councillors and regulators, who have been pushing the city to freeze the company’s licence.

The mayor’s new administration also issued a statement outlining the decision.

“Today’s decision is a reflection of the mayor’s strong commitment to protect jobs, enhance economic vitality, and improve public safety here in our city.”

The company said it would be rethinking its presence in the city due to the “conflict, chaos and

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