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Why Women Are Obese After Puberty

Why Women Are Obese After Puberty

‘You Don’t Look Anorexic’ Says A Mother To Her Daughter Who Looks Like A Bump In Black Leather

When a mother sees her daughter in a bathing suit like a bump in black leather, she’ll feel the same way.

One mother from Australia says it’s her daughter’s body that’s making her look like that, and not her, but it’s hard to ignore what a big deal it is. A mother from Japan says she’s seen a bump in black leather on her teenage daughter’s body before but never took it as seriously as she is now.

A mother from Portugal says her daughter has been wearing black leather all through puberty and she’s never noticed before. Here’s the story behind it all:

What’s it like to wear black leather?

It is really, really hard for me to look at my daughter. I can’t look at her without seeing a bump. She was in her first summer vacation with me, she was about 13 years old. She went swimming and she was like, “Mommy, look! I got a bump!” When she touched the spot she said, “I don’t look anorexic.”

Is there a name for this?

It is called fattening or breast development, which is a physiological reaction to a female’s breasts at puberty.

What does it mean to my daughter?

When she was swimming, she felt a bump in her private parts. It doesn’t happen when I look at her all day. I feel sick.

Why do women become obese after puberty?

It is not because of a big bump, because she was not obese when she was 13, but her body started to change when she grew into puberty.

How do you know it’s not related to her body fat ratio?

When I say to her, “You seem like you are fatter than you were at 13,” she says, “I am not fatter.” I am not thinking about it. I ask again, “How do you know it’s not related to your body fat ratio?” But she says

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