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AirPods aren’t that strange

AirPods aren’t that strange

Lufthansa Says Apple AirTags Are Once Again Allowed in Checked Bags

It’s been a good decade and a half. Lufthansa has finally become less aggressive about its baggage theft practices, which were so bad, it even caused a brief hiatus in its flights from Cologne to Berlin. Since the end of that ordeal, Lufthansa has gone back to its old ways. But as in the past, the latest violation of Lufthansa’s strict rules is an AirPods-toting passenger who ended up with a bag full of stolen electronics while flying.

The bag was stolen from a business class seat on one of three Lufthansa flights on September 26, 2017, at around 1 pm, from Cologne, Germany to Barcelona, Spain.

Air travel, however, is not the only way in which people can obtain unwanted electronic devices. This happens a lot to Apple and others, and as usual, Apple hasn’t commented on the subject. In fact, just this past week Apple has had to fight a lawsuit by someone who lost her phone when it suddenly “disappeared” while in her pocket in an airport. The same happened to the former president of France, Francois Hollande, who lost his iPhone 4S after he accidentally slipped it out of his pants pocket, as opposed to the usual method of theft.

In a way, AirPods are not that strange. It seems that Apple products are easy to replace with new ones that are in turn “easily” replaced with a new one — like a phone, for example.

But as the case of the German passenger illustrates, this has already been a good year and a half for those taking Apple back. This is the fourth time this year that Lufthansa has lost the device. The company is under pressure from its passengers, who are upset that they can’t keep

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