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The Bible Does Not Believe in the Concept of Free Will

The Bible Does Not Believe in the Concept of Free Will

This East African nation is known for stability. But drought and rising prices are fueling insecurity in a country with high levels of political and social turmoil.

The people of Sudan are more than their average. Their love for life is so intense that they are willing to do anything for the greater glory of God, according to the Sudanese proverb: “God is the one who will give the strength to live the life in which God has gifted us, even to the extent we give to others, in order to glorify ourselves.” “

It is here to be determined whether the God of the universe has willed to set forth a particular man as an instrument of salvation to the human race, as He has revealed His plan for the life of the believer by selecting him on the basis of his individual merit.

This is the second part of my series on the Bible, which will look at three books in the Bible that deal with the issue of the human soul. This is not a treatise on the issue of man’s soul. In fact, it is an attempt to present the evidence to show that it is not an issue that is in dispute. Rather, it is a view that man’s existence, its purpose, or its destiny, is dependent on his free will, and in order to determine whether or not man possesses free will, it needs to be determined what the purpose of this life is and what is the nature of its relationship to the afterlife.

In this, the second part of my series on the Bible, I will present the evidence to show that the Bible does not believe in the notion of free will. And in this, the first part of my series on the Bible, I will give an overview of the view of Scripture that the Bible does believe in the concept of free will.

Let us begin with the proposition that man is not an automaton. Automata, as we are now going to learn, are machines that operate with the sole purpose of producing a given effect without the need for any conscious act of production. In other words, an automaton is not capable of having a will. And to the extent that the Biblical authors are suggesting a relationship between free will

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