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The hottest day of the week was 77 with a high-of-88, and the heat index was 96.9

The hottest day of the week was 77 with a high-of-88, and the heat index was 96.9

Welcome to another heat wave. Triple-digit temperatures on tap for Southern California this week, more than half a day above normal. And it will get worse.

The hottest day of the week, Friday, was 77 with a high-of-88, while the heat index was 96.9.

The daily heat index was a record high of 100.3 on Tuesday and Tuesday’s high-of-91 was the second-highest number ever.

Also Monday, 90 degrees with a high-of-93 was the second-highest number in a day, and Tuesday’s high-of-88 was the highest temperature since May 10, 1988.

For the week, the average daily temperature at 101 degrees in January was the highest since January 21, 1988, and the hottest month ever for the month of January.

It will be a brutal summer for the southern states with the exception of the desert southwest, where most of the summer looks to be below normal, according to the National Climatic Data Center.

The National Weather Service has forecasted 80 days of triple digits in San Diego County and 100 days of triple digits over Los Angeles County.

The high temperature on Tuesday was in the 90s and that was with a heat index above 100.

The most intense heat of the past 48 hours was in the early morning on Tuesday, when temperatures reached 86 degrees with a heat index of 116.

In Santa Ana, some residents reported that the heat was so intense they were forced to close their windows.

In neighboring Montecito, the temperature was about 100 degrees with a heat index of about 116.

On Monday, a single gust of wind hit at the San Ysidro Municipal Airport, where a record high of 87 degrees was recorded, according to the National Weather Service at the airport.

The coldest temperatures at night are expected on Wednesday with nighttime lows of 31 degrees and the high of 33

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