The Man Behind the 4 Days: The Man Behind the 4 Days

Who is Christopher LaVoie? Man behind ‘4 Days’ reality shows has history of run-ins with police, dubious business ventures and personal scandals

A year after his YouTube channel of “4 Days” reality shows was canceled, the man behind them has found new ways to make a living.

Christopher LaVoie, a 42-year-old California native, has become one of YouTube’s most prolific content creators, with his channels making millions of dollars from advertising, affiliate programs and selling merchandise from a studio store, as well as selling exclusive content for a price.

But with the videos attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers at any given time, LaVoie’s videos have been criticized for promoting questionable business ventures in his home country of Norway. The New York Times reported that “Lavoie and his wife, the former Norwegian reality star and journalist Riki Storm, have a number of assets, including houses, cars and an ocean front property.”

LaVoie’s latest venture is a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers called “The Man Behind the 4 Days” or “The Man4Days” or something similar. The channel, which launched earlier this year, shares clips of LaVoie recording music with an acoustic guitar in his bedroom and in a garage, as well as interviewing celebrities, friends and family.

While the channel doesn’t appear to have been officially “launched” yet, LaVoie, who says his family is from New Jersey, says he has been recording music full-time since 2012. The music, he says, is more “commercialized” and less personal than some of his earlier work.

In his video for a song called “Kindergarten,” LaVoie says, “It’s a little bit more commercial. Not quite as personal, especially for me, because I think that I’ve become

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