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The Moon is a Global Village

The Moon is a Global Village

Op-Ed: To the moon, again, with good reason

I recently spoke with a man whose name I will keep anonymous who is a high-level employee at a prominent engineering company here in Southern California. His job description consists of the following:

“Manages an engineering team of 10 to 20 employees in multiple locations around the country. He oversees everything from the hiring to the firing of engineers. His responsibilities include keeping morale high and employee satisfaction up by having a positive attitude, ensuring that all personnel are performing to the highest level, and implementing systems or processes that will improve efficiency and effectiveness of the company.

“His other responsibilities include ensuring that all of the engineering efforts are in line with the company’s vision and goals, communicating company values to other departments, helping to develop and communicate a company vision, and ensuring that all personnel are held accountable by his direct reports.”

You see, in the world of engineering, he is, quite literally, to the moon.

Why, in the world of engineering, is it possible that someone could have so many responsibilities to do so many different jobs all around the world and in so many different locations at the same time?

It is, of course, because we live in a global village and this world of ours is very, very, very global.

But I have been to the moon. It didn’t take me to the moon to understand this.

It took years of hard work, years of study, a very clear moral compass, the support of many who cared about my career and who also cared about the world, and a commitment to making a difference in a world that is both far, far away, yet very much a part of my life at all times.

But I finally did it.

So, today, I’ll tell you all about our trip to the moon and why it’s an incredible accomplishment.

An Amazing Journey

This past weekend, my wife and I and our three kids flew to New York where

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